How Best to Ensure Your Happiness

There is nothing that will ensure your happiness more reliably than an investment in good food. Organic foods develop chemical defenses to predatory influences that are beneficial to us all, and sustainable practices will help us survive our limitations. Soil today has been so compromised by heavy equipment and industrial farming that I compost everyday to return whatever I can to Mother Earth.

Perhaps the most persistent major threat to our health is inflammation, or the burning-up sensation that results from stress, and even the oxidation we do to generate energy. Stress and toxins can be greatly reduced by eating a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods and supplements. Another common problem we have is an environment or lifestyle that does not change and allows us to become lazy such as daily composition online. Health is measured by our ability to adapt. If we're too comfortable, we're probably not adapting much. Mix things up! Change your diet every two months or so, and exercise in new ways. Cross training was developed to help athletes to avoid injury, but the strength is based upon the bodies increase in tolerance. Here are some simple dietary requirements:

Start with Good Food! A great source of information on this subject can be found here:

Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid

You can also supplement your diet by using local resources, such as: Supper Clubs & Food Shelves.

Anti-oxidant Supplements

If you choose to buy from the sources linked below, feel free to use This Link, or check out our own remedies at: IMID Apothecary

  • Your best defense against stress related injuries and immune function while doing stressful building is a vitamin and mineral rich source of superfood, such as the following product from iHerb: Greens, and Earth, or: Roots

  • Take Krill Oil, or Eat Fish, another source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, but as always, beware of rancid fats, another source of toxins! Your nose will tell you if your food is fresh. Don't ignore what your senses are telling you, even if its off the shelf and in a bottle. If it smells old, it probably is! And like any other food, supplements have a limited shelf life. Here's another Health Force Product:

    Anti-Oxidant Extreme

  • Critically important to many of us while building is a good source of Collagen for strong ligaments to prevent injury while lifting and working out. And, for anyone dealing with myofacial trigger points and the stress associated with repetitive strain injury, Calcium, which is involved in the action potential of a muscle control is best taken in soluble form.

    My favorite way to prepare these nutrients is found at the following site: Bone Broth. The results of taking your time to prepare a Bone Broth are instantaneous. You'll know if your missing these ingredients right away if you do this for yourself. An exceptional product for those on the go can be found here: Flora, Floradix Calcium-Magnesium

    For those with bone spurs or less need for Calcium, here's a lighter food based version: Rainbow Light Calcium

For several years now, I've been using various forms of tea, or tisanes (herbal tea), common herbs and spices like Garlic, Turmeric, and Cayanne Pepper for immuno support and Camomile Tea to calm down in the evening rather than expensive supplements I refer to above. There's nothing wrong with those supplements, but when dealing with a common cold, or sniffles, Garlic works wonders. I use it everyday at least twice a day sliced and cooked with pasta or eggs until my cold is gone. And daily Turmeric works wonders to help me loosen-up along with a couple cups of Epsom Salt in the tub once in a while. Sometimes a natural product might cost more than a supplement or prescription, but usually over the counter herbs work best for less.

The decline of hormone levels however is a more difficult problem to solve, and can seriously compromise our health as we age, so I keep a strategy online that I update whenever necessary to help maintain normal hormone levels for those of us who are experiencing midlife crisis. To stave-off geriatric conditions, and continue to stay fit, heal well, and to continue to thrive, I supplement my diet with a good source of protein, and natural remedies that increase free testosterone in my system. Natural methods of doing so will allow our bodies to produce these substances without drug dependency, toxic reactions, or unnatural adaptations and byproducts in our system. Women may also find remedies prescribed by the medical system to be helpful, such as Estrogen and Progesterone, but the strategy I've described below will work for both women and men.

Testosterone Boosting - Beware! This really works!

  • Hydrolyzed protein (partially digested protein) in the form of a liquid or powder builds free testosterone in the liver when combined with Growth Factor. Here is a pure form of it:

    Raw Vegan Hydrolyzed Protein

  • Currently, all I'm using for supplements are the following three: Passion Flower, which saved my life by helping me to calm down and sleep enough to relax and recover from stressful days. One of my favorite locations for this wonderful product is my local Co-op, but any serious herbalist or nutritionist will carry it. In combination with DHEA (for the the midlife crisis of women and men), and Bee Pollen, my chemistry is just right with a quieter strength of free testosterone for building muscle and supplying renewed energy and vigor. (Click through the links for more information on each.)

  • Lean meat. All Sockeye Salmon is Wild, and rich in Anti-oxidants.

  • Stay away from Trans Fats and Saturated Fats. Avocado, walnuts, extra virgin olive oil and other healthy fats actually contribute to nutrient distribution and are a dietary requirement, but not all fats are good!

Growth Hormone Boosting
  • Take Glycine on an empty stomach before you exercise:


  • Get plenty of rest.